Cub Scout Bear Rank Space Electives

During their 3rd grade year, Cub Scouts work on the Bear rank. After completing the rank, they may choose to work on electives, which are generally opportunities to introduce a number of new interests. The Bear rank has a group of electives titled Space.

"Elective" means the Cub Scout gets credit for completing as many of these activities as he wishes. It is not necessary to complete all of them.

  1. Identify two constellations and the North Star in the night sky.
  2. Make a pinhole planetarium and show three constellations.
  3. Visit a planetarium.
  4. Build a model of a rocket or space satellite.
  5. Read and talk about at least one man-made satellite and one natural one.
  6. Find a picture of another planet in our solar system. Explain how it is different from Earth.

Source of these requirements: Cub Scout Bear Handbook, ©2003 Boy Scouts of America, pages 182-183.