Notes for presenting astronomy at Cub Scout meeting

A Cub Scout group may ask us to present astronomy at a Pack meeting. The presentation is likely to be a featured activity during a longer monthly meeting. This page offers an outline to cover the astronomy topics addressed in the Cub Scout awards. If possible, I prefer to cover these topics during an outdoor observing session rather than as a talk in a meeting.

Scouts will typically ask us to speak for a half hour. There is much more to cover than you can fit into a half hour. You will not be able to give the boys all the information they need to complete any of their awards in a half hour. But you can give an overview and show your own excitement about astronomy. You can customize this outline to talk about topics you are most passionate about, and cut off the rest when time is up. The Cub Scout group will have to take the starting point you provide and follow up in Den meetings in order to complete all the requirements of the badges.

Show and tell is great. I would love to set up a projector to show great images at a Scout meeting, but have never talked in a location that had the equipment. I certainly don't own it myself. I usually bring a couple of books and a pair of binoculars to show. You probably don't want to set up a telescope unless you have time to show the boys how to use it. You also want at least one experienced adult to chaperone each telescope.